Wood Floor Cleaning Rockford, Illinois

Restore beauty of hardwood floors in a really professional way. Our high quality workmanship is supported by education and experience in the industry.

  • We have specialized expertise in keeping hardwood looking shiny, clean, and like new
  • Extend the life of your hardwood floors - our cleaning and finish can save you the cost of repairs and replacement.
  • Our advanced cleaning methods remove deeply embedded dirt and debris that erode hardwood floors.
  • Our protective finish will give your floors a streak-free shine and looking Clean As New

The #1 Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Services In Rockford, IL

Wood floors tend to lose their value and value over time. We will help you with your wooden floors on your residential and commercial properties through our professional cleaning team. Our goal is to help protect and possibly add value to your floors through thorough cleaning that leaves them as shiny and new as before. Instead of spending a fortune trying to replace them, we can help with maintenance procedures as well as repainting. The best part is that we do not use traditional methods that may cause further damage to your floors. With us you will don't have to worry about the bad smell that traditional cleaning methods leave on your wooden floors. Instead, you will get the "luster" that you had initially as well as more durability associated with our cleaning and re-coating together with maintenance. Our products and services are unmatched in this industry and that is what we strive to give our customers. With us you will have the best cleaning services you can imagine.

A 100% Natural, Absolutely Organic, Wood Floor Cleaning Company In Rockford, IL

Bring Back Luster to Your Wood Floor

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All it takes is one visit from our pros and your stains are gone for good!

Our Customers Say

"Called on a Thursday. They were able to have someone come out the very next day. Large area that had been used by my two pitt bulls as their second bed. Wood floor in pet hair and with a smell. They, brought it back to life. Literally, as bright and clean as the day it was installed"

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